1) Do you take reservations? What are your peak times?

We do not take reservations. The cafe operates on a first come, first serve basis. The cafe is very small, and has only 16 seats. Peak times usually range, but they usually fall on the weekends, from 10 am to about 3 pm. On holiday Mondays and on summer weekdays (from May to September), peak times fall around the lunch hour period, from 11 am to about 3 pm. Given all of this, however, this is all still very much a rough estimate, and the steadily growing popularity of the place given the national and international exposure our cafe gets has made Le Marché St. George a destination place for both locals and tourists. Plan your trip accordingly, but be prepared to run into some crowds from time to time.

2) Is the suite upstairs still for rent?

It is no longer for rent! We have rented the suite out to our family friend, and she has been living above the cafe for a couple of years now.

3) Are there any viable parking options near your cafe?

Le Marché St. George is located in a residential neighbourhood. Some of our neighbours do not have lane ways or garages to park their vehicles on, and so, rely heavily on street parking for their family vehicles.  We do ask that visitors to our cafe be respectful of our neighbours, so if you must drive to our cafe, park around the 400-block of 28th street, and NOT on St. George Avenue. We do highly recommend getting to our cafe by bike or by transit. Our cafe is easily accessible through the latter! You can take either the #3 Main Street to Marine Drive bus or the #8 Fraser bus - both easily accessible from points on Broadway street and from Waterfront Station.

4) When is the next pop-up happening?

Pop-ups will no longer be happening at the apartment above the cafe! We have opened up a showroom in Mount Pleasant, which we have aptly named Atelier St. George, a sister store that acts as a permanent pop-up space of sorts. In the showroom, you will find a regularly rotating selection of Janaki Larsen ceramics as well as a constantly evolving rotation of local artists' wares and textiles that have been sourced by Janaki in her travels. For Atelier St. George's hours of operation and where to find/reach us, see here.

Some more notes on neighbourhood etiquette:

We have a visually-impaired neighbour who lives beside the cafe. Please be mindful of her needs as well as the needs of the people who live near our cafe and keep all toys, strollers, bikes, and other personal belongings off the sidewalks surrounding our cafe.

Please see FAQ #3 on parking options, for those driving to our cafe.