I don't like Valentine's Day but I love Love. 

I had compiled some images of expressions of love I have seen around. Graffiti on walls, accidental heart-shaped pizzas, intitials carved on picnic tables, clever quotes inscribed on leaves, pebbles in Lola's pockets shaped like hearts. They were all lovely but this is the image that really gets to me. I have not seen this flower myself; the moment was experienced by Amy Merrick but I feel so much when I look at it. The vulnerability, the fragility, the determination, the defiant explosive flower atop a spindly stem. I love that it appears to flourish from nothing, no lushness, no nutrient rich earth, no perfect situation. It is bursting in the most inhospitable and unlikely climate. Then... then there is the person who saw all of this and thought to tape it up. One simple gesture,

That is tenderness.

That is love.


Happy Valentine's Day  Thoughts | Janaki Larsen            Photo| Amy Merrick

Happy Valentine's Day

Thoughts | Janaki Larsen            Photo| Amy Merrick