Field Trip: Tyler & Lucinda's Wedding

In the first days of September, Tyler and Lucinda (one of our most esteemed suppliers, who we've also had an event with, which you can read about here) were wed on the Sunshine Coast at the sublime Rockwater Secret Cove Resort. The occasion was beautiful as it was inspirational (and equally delicious thanks to Chef Andrea Carlson). Congratulations to the new bride and groom from everyone at Le Marché St. George!!!

Above are a handful of images I was able to snap during their gorgeous celebration.

Sitting 'N Eating (August 4, 2012)

The idea of Tyler Gray (from Mikuni Wild Harvest) hosting dinner events at Le Marché St. George is something that we have been very excited and hopeful about. Now that such an occasion is on its way, we are thrilled to spread the word about what will be one of the most charming events to be hosted on our grounds. As stated in the poster above, please email Tyler Gray at with any inquiries about the dinner. A limited number of seats are available. For a closer glance, you may also enlarge the event's poster info by clicking on it.

Hope to see you there!

Event Coverage: Mikuni Wild Harvest Pop-Up

Le Marché St. George is truly lucky to host some fantastically special occasions, and this past weekend we were graced with one of Vancouver's most precious and uncommon market events.

A rare opportunity allowed lucky visitors to purchase items that are exclusively available to proud, quality-driven gourmet boutiques, restaurants and chefs, including Iron Chefs Mario Batali and Masaharu Morimoto. Tyler Gray, the co-owner of Mikuni Wild Harvest, hosted the company's first-ever public sale with us on Saturday, and it was a huge honour, as Mikuni is a premier supplier that has dedicated more than ten years to providing the culinary industry with unequivocally unique and artisanal ingredients and products. A professional cook that I know likens her restaurant's Mikuni shipment days to opening presents on Christmas morning.

Tyler and I shared a brief conversation about his event, and it was very moving, how informatively and passionately he spoke about his products and craft, whilst also being sincerely genuine and hospitable. He kindly opened with the pop-up sale as a way for him to get to know his neighbors, to meet and thank them for sharing their community, while he and his fiancé reside at the Live @ Marché St. George space for the summer.

All of Mikuni's wares are of the highest caliber, and some of the ingredients available on the weekend especially shone as favourites for Tyler. The first product we talked about were finger limes, which he described as a citrus caviar. Finger limes contain segments of individual, self-wrapped and enclosed spheres that share a pronounced resemblance to caviar in their look and texture, except, of course, firmly popping with a brightly tart citrus flavour.

Tyler's mushroom of choice, morels, were foraged in Alaska and the Northwest Territories. He explained that this season hasn't been especially fortunate for their harvest, so having them at the pop-up event was really quite exceptional, because it is one of few opportunities, if not the only chance, for the general public to find their crop within in the city.

There was a particularly fascinating sunflower oil, that I overheard him praising to a handful of earlier customers. He explained that while sunflower seed oil might not sound like an exciting product, the cold-pressed one available was, in fact, the best he had ever savoured because it remarkably tasted like eating a handful of freshly toasted sunflower seeds. Tyler added his belief that chefs gravitate toward the oil because of the beautiful simplicity in executing something extraordinary with a fairly common ingredient.

White Seashore honey, my favourite to learn about on Saturday, is a product that he described as on a different level than any of the other honey products available on the market. Its manufacturers settled their apiaries near the Gaspé region of Quebec's shoreline, giving the honey's finish a salinity, because the herbs and wildflowers that the bees harvest pollen from have been exposed to the ocean air. Even better, flavour isn't the only distinct feature of this item: It's unpasteurized, retaining many nutritional health benefits, and the churning process it underwent also provided it with a brilliant, marshmallow fluff-like texture.

Both the sunflower oil and honey were produced by a small collective of foragers in Montreal, Société Orignal, whose aim is to pioneer and share natural, wholesome foods through a network of farmers, activists, chefs and grocers. Mikuni works in a similar way, building its relationships within the culinary world to procure a bounty that not only tastes better, but is better for us, as well as providing chefs with the tools and motivation to demand changes for the state of food and modern agriculture for all of us. This is a conviction that Le Marché also shares, and we are so grateful and happy to carry local produce and goods for our customers, as well as stock Mikuni-sourced items on our shelves, including Pok Pok Som drinking vinegars, Noble tonics, and fermented black garlic.

I would like to sincerely express my thanks to Mr. Gray for his time and generosity. His heart and effort showed in all of the details of the day, from the handwritten signs to the locally foraged display props. A few ideas for the future were mentioned in our chat, including neighborhood potluck dinners, pop-up restaurant nights, and the possibility of another in-house sale for the public. I hope to see all of these affairs manifested. In the photo montage above, also included is a picture of Tyler's truck, a sea foam green 1961 Chevy Apache; it is a tremendously stunning machine.

VNB Pop-up Photobooth & Darkroom at Le Marché St George

We are very excited to formally announce our collaboration with the wonderful folk at VNB Fine Art Photography Workshops! Details have been prepared by VNB, which you may read below below, and you can find more information about the company and on their website:

"On Bastille Day (Saturday, July 14, 2012) and Saturday, July 21, 2012 the VNB Fine Art Photo Workshops will be bringing loads of darkroom fun to the hood in an original portable package: Virginie and Bastien will mount their outdoors studio and darkroom tent at Marché St George to offer awesome portraits and on-the-spot training in Calotype Photography all day! This is a unique opportunity to experience one of the earliest and simplest 19th c. photographic processes today, and truly embrace retro-photo aesthetics sans
Instagram or Iphone! Stop being a pretender, come out and become a straight paper-shooter!
For your convenience, VNB will propose visitors 2 different options: You can choose to simply get beautiful, authentic and imperishable Calotype portraits of you and your family (1), or go all the way and enter the VNB Darkroom Tent for a quick 15mn 19th c. photographic refresher (2)!

To take your own portrait (individual or small group) you will be using a 4"x5" large format field camera mounted on a tripod, paper-loaded film holders, a simple portraiture lighting studio setup, and of course VNB’s diligent assistance. All technical aspects of the setting will be taken care of in advance, and Virginie or Bastien will double-check the composition and even focus the large format camera for you. All that will be left to you is the timing, and the squeezing of the air cable release to fire both the camera and strobe. If not opting for the Darkroom Workshop, the processing of your paper negative and final positive
print is then done by VNB. Your framed prints will then be available for pickup at Marché St George during regular opening hours from the following Wednesday.

If opting for the Calotype Workshop, you will next pick up your exposed paper holder at the back of the camera and enter the VNB Darkroom Tent. Inside you will be guided through the developing process of your paper negative under red illumination. Once dried out, you will contact print your paper negative onto a fresh piece of photographic paper using an enlarger, and then process your positive final print. After a quick wash, squeegee and drying process, both your negative and positive will be placed in classy sized frames, ready to be hung at home!

The Calotype process was patented by Sir William Henry Fox Talbot in 1841 in England, and is the ancestor of modern-day film photography. It basically involvesphotographing on light-sensitive paper rather than film. Calotype prints feature a nostalgic and soft definition, have great evocative power and deliver creamy, warm skin tones. A classic 19th century romantic aesthetic signature!"

Old Faithful Shop's Summer Market N° 003

We were so happy that Old Faithful Shop had invited us to participate their Summer Market again. Walter and Savannah put a lot of thought into every event that they hold. Their fine selection of quality goods and a beautiful, rustic, open space is the perfect vehicle for shopping for locally made food products. I dropped by this Sunday to say hello and take few photos of the affair. I wanted to pick up everything in sight, but my favourites outside of our own offerings at the market were the fresh baked goods from Nelson The Seagull and the cold-brewed coffee from Revolver. Thanks for a another wonderful collaboration!

Photography & Discourse | Luis Valdizon

Event Coverage: 2012 Heritage House Tour

Hundreds of people visited us on Sunday as part of Vancouver's 2012 Heritage House Tour, and Le Marché was as lively as it has ever been. It's always amazing to see new and seasoned patrons enjoying our hard work with looks of fondness and admiration.

While I was helping Charlotte at our little outdoor cafe/bake sale, I saw what was probably one of the best facial expressions ever, donned by a little girl who walked by with her mum. She saw all the deliciousness sitting on the table outside. It was the kind of smile akin to those of little ones seeing Mickey Mouse in-person for the first time at Disneyland; just beautiful.

The pop-up shop was lively as Patricia and Ronald entertained and educated the guests about their works. Across the hall from the Live @ Marché space, another stunning suite was opened up to the public, viewable for the first time. All in all it was a very special day. My highlight was receiving an order to make a vegetarian sandwich as we hustled to make a large batch of ones filled with ham, cheese, dijon mustard, and mixed greens. It was my pleasure to go out of the way to find the ingredients needed. I would happily exchange a little extra work to make someone's afternoon, any day of the week. I know everyone at Marché feels that way, too, and maybe that's the reason why long before working for Janaki and Pascal, it has always felt like a second home.

Photography & Discourse | Luis Valdizon

Event Coverage: Le Marché St. George Spring Pop-up Shop Opening

The day before yesterday, I got to come in and snap a few behind-the-scenes photos of the products that would be featured in our spring pop-up. When I arrived to shoot the opening of the actual event, my jaws dropped at the sheer beauty that was curated wherever my eyes looked. Everything fits together elegantly. Janaki worried that the order of hand-woven baskets by Doug Johnston would be delayed, yet even they serendipitously arrived on time. By the time we were done with yesterday's shoot, I had to have one of Mr. Johnston's pieces. We're the first retailer to carry them in Canada. It would be a shame not to add such a wonderful work to my home. The right things happening at the right time is a common blessing that everyone at Le Marché St. George never takes for granted.

Friends: Butter on the Endive & Blue Owl - Chef In Residence N° 02

Our friends at Blue Owl Home Boutique are set to collaborate on a second installment of Butter on The Endive's Chef in Residence series. Amanda Michas has an exceptional eye for hand-picking beautiful items and is a serious talent for whimsical arrangements. Chef Owen Lightly is a undeniable force within Vancouver's culinary scene and is bringing along Adam Chandler of Beta 5 Chocolates as well as James Town of Mikuni Wild Harvest for their event. The gentlemen behind our Puglian dinner series and the most amazing tasting olive oil to hit our lips will be on hand to treat guests to an olive oil tasting and acoustic serenade. For more details about the event, please visit here. While this event isn't taking place under our roof we are already salivating over the preview of their menu, and the beautiful suite in the Connaught building will surely make their event one to remember!

PS: All merchandise at Blue Owl Home Boutique will be 15% off for the weekend.