Meet The Maker: Easy, Tiger!

This is the first of a new series of blog posts where we will feature the makers behind some of the products we carry in our shop. We are focusing on one of our own for our very first Meet the Maker series - Taylor Jakubke. You can find Taylor behind our coffee bar a couple of days a week making your coffee-based drinks.


Taylor Jakubke is a Certified Massage Practitioner and the creator of Easy Tiger bath salts. She often suggests 30-minute baths to her clients. Stress, she says, is held in the connective tissue. A bath with pure salts and essential oils induces relaxation and can help reset one's physiology. She started making custom blends for herself before she decided to make small batches of it to market to the masses. "If I ever owned a spa, these would be the salts I put in my clients' baths," Taylor remarks.

The name Easy Tiger comes from the popular colloquialiasm, "Easy, Tiger!" - a phrase one might say to someone who is on the verge of exploding from anger or stress.

Currently, the shop carries Easy Tiger Bath Salts in Skinny Dip - an energizing, citrus blend with grapefruit and lime - and Salty Bro - a rejuvenating epsom salt blend of eucalyptus and lavender.

Styled and photographed by Issha MarieCeramics by Janaki Larsen.