The End of her Roaring Twenties...

Klee turned 29 about a month ago.

The end of her roaring twenties began with a Mexican-themed party, complete with build-your-own-tacos, lots of cerveza, and a mariachi band to serenade her to the end of her second decade. It was a spectacular event - a surreal one to witness. The usual quiet of the neighbourhood was, for a few hours that evening, filled with the sounds and spirit of what I have always imagined Mexico to be. What a way to ring in the end of one's twenties!

These photographs are about a month overdue, but I post these now because Klee will be noticeably absent from the cafe as she embarks on a mushroom-picking journey for part of the summer.

I mean... Mushroom-picking. Mushroom-picking!

I've a friend who does this every single summer, and I've heard of his adventures. You are in the middle of nowhere. You have to have a few months' worth of food and supplies to tide you over during your entire journey. It's backbreaking work - hard work... but extremely fulfilling and lucrative once you get the lay of the land. Of course, I am oversimplifying this. It'll be interesting to hear of her travels when she returns, because I have romanticized the very idea of mushroom picking in the wild in spite of my dear friend's stories of the hardships one can encounter in the great unknown.

We look forward to your safe return, your stories, and your photographs, Klee! Be safe, stay fed and hydrated, and may the mushroom gods impart upon you bountiful harvests. We, at the cafe, will miss you dearly! Come back soon!

Happy Travels, Klee!!!
With love, from your family here at Le Marché St. George.

Photographs: Issha Marie