Campesino details... and a simple iced tea (non)recipe.

It's our summer pop-up's final five days! The shop changes a little every single day as we sell out of certain items and bring in new inventory. These final few days will be bittersweet, but this will give us more fuel and inspiration for our next pop-up. Our last day as Campesino also falls on Mother's Day, so if you are still on the hunt for something to give to your dearest mum, drop by the store, or treat her out this Sunday to a visit to the cafe downstairs and the shop upstairs.

We will end this post with a simple (non)recipe featuring Le Troupeau Bénit, a tisane we have sourced from Quebec, handcrafted with a variety of flowers and spices by the nuns of Le Monastère Vierge Marie la Consolatrice. It makes the most refreshing iced tea, and is a perfect beverage to serve on Mother's Day.

Le Troupeau Bénit Cold Brew

1 litre of cold, filtered water
3-5 grams of Le Troupeau Bénit

Infuse the tea in cold water inside a water carafe overnight in your refrigerator. Strain out the leaves the next day and serve in champagne flutes or tea cups.

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Words and Photographs: Issha Marie