Pure Organic Vanilla Extract

One of the most prized flavours of the culinary world is getting some well-deserved appreciation in our shop; Pemberton Distillery's Pure Organic Vanilla Extract is handcrafted in small batches, incorporates certified organic vanilla beans cultivated in Costa Rica, and contains no additives. We are honoured and excited by the addition of their exceptional product to our shelves. It is simply the best vanilla extract we have ever had.

Bittered Sling Extracts

In 2010, bartender/sommelier Lauren Mote and Chef Jonathan Chovancek founded Kale & Nori, a boutique restaurant-style catering and events company that focuses on seasonal, ethical menus paired with innovative drink. Together, they have spent the better part of two years developing their popular line of quality products, Bittered Sling Extracts. Bittered Sling is a series of high-end and luxurious extracts and bitters that have various applications for seasoning beverages and food. The co-founders' history behind the bar and in the kitchen, respectively, are the driving force behind their dedication to advance consumable crafts through Kale & Nori's extracts, and Bittered Sling Bistro, a bi-weekly food and cocktail pairing competition they organize. Now available in-store.

Mellifera Bees' Honey

Local beekeeper Melissa Cartwright, who set up a stationary beehive in the back yard of our shop, has sent us our long-awaited shipment of her decadent honey. Yes, ladies and gents, that means Mellifera Bees is back on our shelves, and with fresh new packaging that we think is quite beautiful. Using last year's events as a guideline, we recommend that those who are interested in getting your hands on Melissa's honey for your home or as gifts should come in sooner rather than later.

farmersdotter organics

Cawston, BC's farmersdotter organics, founded by Yvonne and Morris Holmes of Parsons Farm Market, have recently equipped their farm with a commercial kitchen. Exciting news, so they've taken over the top-to-bottom manufacturing of their lovely artisanal product line, including their garlic scape salt, and cherries with anise, pictured above, which are a perfect topping for your morning yogurt. These and many other items of theirs are now available in-store. Also, if you happen to find yourself at the Burnaby Farmer's Market on Saturdays or Ladner Farmer's Market on Sundays, drop by and say hello!

PS: I heard they are now starting to make their own line of delicious baked goods that are definitely worth a try!

Sugo Sauce

Endlessly charming designer Maya Sciarretta is making one of the most talked-about handcrafted products popping up on shelves in Vancouver, including our own. We're always proud to stock well-made, great-tasting, and local items at Le Marché St. George, and Sugo Sauces is a line that you definitely have to try.

Sugo Sauces were born out of a very endearing relationship between Maya and her grandmother. Her nonna taught her a recipe for a classic Italian tomato based sauce that she would eventually make her own. With products as delicious as these, which come in the three different varieties of styles (Classico/Classic, Arrabbiata/Angry, and Puttanesca/Whore), it's not even necessary to talk about aesthetics, but we will here, because Maya is responsible for the beautiful packaging and branding of Sugo as well.

The combination of a delicious Italian sauce and impeccable design is something that I'm very excited about, as a food lover and a design enthusiast. With summer at its peak these last few days, an Italian pasta dish topped off with Sugo's fresh tomato sauce, served with a side of crisp greens dressed in a homemade lemon vinaigrette sounds perfect, a wonderfully satisfying but light meal. A refreshing glass of wine is most certainly welcome.

For more information about Sugo Sauces and its varieties, please visit sugosauce.com

Photography & Discourse | Luis Valdizon

Menu Inspiration x New Product: Matiz España (Various)

After a particularly busy season at Le Marché St. George, Janaki was left fantasizing about a much-needed vacation. She has developed a little obsession with the rich culinary background, natural beauty and history of Spain. It would seem, though, that with her schedule becoming even fuller as time passes, travelling across the world just isn't in the cards for the next little while, so she brought a piece of Spain over for herself, and the product shelves at Marché.

Pictured above is a dish that Janaki made, featuring Spanish ingredients now available at the shop. It includes a combination of a white bean spread, buckwheat sprouts, Matiz España's sardines and lemon oil, olive oil, lemon, salt and freshly ground pepper all sitting on top of Matiz España's Tortas de Aceite, a traditional Spanish crisp bread.

From their website: "Matiz España specializes in locating and importing specialty gourmet food products from this bountiful land. We are proud to work exclusively with traditional family manufacturers who take personal satisfaction in creating only the highest quality all natural products."

A delicious tapas meal for your family, friends and guests is closer than you might have thought!

Photography & Discourse | Luis Valdizon

Now Available Online: Mexican Embroidered Pillows

One of the most popular items at our spring pop-up shop is now for sale in our online store. These handmade, embroidered pillows seem to be a favourite with many of our customers. When Janaki showed me an article about the French high fashion house Hermès featuring indigenous Mexican embroidery art in their designs, I knew these beauties would fly off the shelves, and they most certainly did. Luckily for everyone that couldn't make it to our pop-up, we have a limited amount still available.

Purchase Online | Mexican Embroidered Pillows

Sash Cord Basket's by Doug Johnston

Doug Johnston is a prolific artist whose work Janaki has admired for quite some time. His products made their retail debut in Canada all the way from Brooklyn, New York, at our spring pop-up shop that sadly came to a close over the weekend. On a positive note, his beautiful handmade sash cord baskets will still be available to purchase in-store. The minimal use of colour and predominantly ceramic-like colourways he uses makes each basket unique and versatile to add to spaces. Their clean, minimal lines and soft texture give them a simple but graceful look. Doug uses a combination of high quality cotton braided cord and coloured seeing thread in his collection.

With the obvious exception of Janaki's ceramics, I don't think there's an item available for sale right now at Le Marché that better speaks to the heart of her unstudied, whimsical and brilliant aesthetic more than Mr. Johnston's works. In an era where original designer decor can often feel completely unoriginal, we are proud to offer you an item that will surely stand out in the crowd.

Jerky Baron: Finest Beef Jerky

Sometimes you get cravings, and very specific ones at that. For the past month, I've had a hankering for beef jerky. I suspect that beef jerky ranks quite low in most people's snack departments, including my own, up until a few weeks ago. Meandering aimlessly through the aisles of a neighborhood grocery, I came across your run-of-the-mill package of dried meat. This moment was the catalyst for a repetitive beckoning in my gut, one that would sway in and out like a pendulum, right up until this week when it was finally satisfied.

Discovering the Jerky Baron's products made me very happy to not have consumed the junk I grew up with from the local 24-7 convenience shop. Simply put, it's incredibly tasty and the locals who make it know what they're doing. Janaki told me that it could be because Drevs Driessen of D-Original Sausage Co. had helped them with some consulting work. One thing I know is that when D is involved, the product is destined to be outstanding, which is the case here.

The Jerky Baron team are passionate about what they do, and have have made a meaningful commitment to bring you the most exquisite beef jerky on the market, and it shows in their product. They use free range, grass-fed, grain-finished, Black Angus beef exclusively.

If you're a fan of charcuterie or are suffering from a random craving for jerky as I was, visit our shop and take home a package of these goods. You won't regret it!

Photography & Discourse | Luis Valdizon